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Made to Order Table Tops

Selection of solid timber tops, produced to bespoke sizes. They can be finished to any size, colour and edge profile. See our basic selection of colours in Wood Finishes section.

Edge Profiles

Inverse Champher
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We have  a choice of solid beech, ash, walnut, oak and other solid wood.  All the tops can be supplied in thickness of your choice and can be produced in a variety of sizes and colour finishes.

Solid Timber Tops and Tables

Solid Beech
Solid Walnut
32mm Solid Ash

Solid Walnut Table Tops

Bespoke solid walnut table tops. All of the tops can  be produced in a variety of sizes. Please ask us for more details. 
All our character oak tops and prime oak table tops are made to measure and are polished to customer specification, they are also available raw/ unfinished.  Example of character oak below left is finished in matt clear lacquer and Prime Oak example below left is unfinished. Lead time is approximately 2-3 weeks.
Table Tops in Stock
If you are looking for next day or 2 - 3 day delivery for your table tops, have a look at our stock table tops.

Solid Prime Oak and Character Oak Table Tops -  depth choice - 25mm; 32 mm or 45 mm

Character Oak Table Tops
Arrised Edge Table Top Profile
Table Top Profile Classic
Half Convex with Two Steps table top profile
Multi convex edge profile
Inverse Champher
Half Convex One step table top edge profile
Pencil Round Profile Edge
Table Top Edge Profiles
Half Convex
(Two Steps)
Half Convex
(One Step)
Pencil Round
(Top and Bottom)
Solid Ash
Solid Prime Oak
Solid Character Oak
Solid Reclaimed Character Oak Flooring
Solid Iroko
Table Tops in Stock
Solid Prime Oak Table Top
Prime Oak Table Tops
Solid Beech table tops are made and finished /polished to customer specification, they are also available raw/ unfinished.  Lead time is approximately 2-3 weeks.  

Bespoke Solid Beech Table Tops and Tables  -  depth choice - 25mm; 32 mm or 45 mm

Example of solid beech with bespoke table base, finished in deep walnut.
Solid Walnut Table Top
Solid Walnut Table Top made to customer specification.
Reclaimed Wood Table Tops
Reclaimed Wood Table Tops

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